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Assessing the Maturity of General Professional Competencies of Future Interpreters/ Translators: Problems and Solutions
Elena Porshneva – Indira Abdulmianova

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2015.08.04.60-65

This paper has to methodize the problems that the teacher must pull through when he evaluates the skills of the future bachelor in Linguistics, more specifically future interpreter or translator. It is based on the experience of the teachers of the subdepartment of the French studies, interpreting and translating.
Nowadays the Russian academic community is looking for efficient methods of the evaluation of students’ skills or competencies. As every fundamental change this process is very difficult and we would like to deal with our achievements in this domain to show the most important problems we were faced with and issues we found.

Key words 
competence-based approach, cognitive component of general professional competencies, cognitive-interpretative strategies

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