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Teaching the French passive to Kosovar learners

[L’enseignement du passif français aux apprenants kosovars]

Bade Bajrami – Nerimane Kamberi

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2020.13.01.14

The purpose of this article is to show the different ways of passivation in French and Albanian with the problem posed by the acquisition of this voice in French. For this purpose, as a first step, we will briefly review the means of passivation in both languages. We will treat for the French, the periphrastic constructions, the so-called "reflexive" constructions while for the Albanian we will see that it has a verbal paradigm with three different types of passive construction. Our study is at the crossroads of two disciplines: contrastive linguistics and didactics. At the contrastive level we highlighted the similarities and divergences on the passive voice between the two languages, and at the didactic level we tried to show on which points our learners of FLE had serious obstacles and how to precede to a teaching / learning more effective this voice in French.

Key words: passive voice, medium voice, reflective voice, contrastive linguistics, didactics of FLE

Pages: 184 - 193

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